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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 9 – Shearwater to Hurricane Bay

We enjoyed a lazy morning in Shearwater this morning.  Our departure was set for 10am, so we had plenty of time to wander up to town for breakfast, coffee, and last-minute provisions.  The slow morning was much appreciated by all, but especially by those who attended karaoke night last night!  Karaoke night in Shearwater was quite the event; it seemed like the whole town was at the bar.  We had a lot of fun listening to the varying local talents.  Bill and Ed both impressed us and got up and sang a number!

The weather had shifted and there was a slight chill to the air this morning.  It actually came as a nice change from all of the hot weather we’ve been having.  It stayed overcast for most of the day, but other than a few minutes of light rain we stayed dry.  The gray sky made the many shades of green along the shoreline pop out even brighter.

Our route today wound around through many narrow passages and between small rocky islands.  It was beautiful and interesting cruising next to the shore and the kelp beds.  We briefly passed through some open water on our way to Hurricane Bay.  The gentle ocean swell rocked our boats as we admired the rugged and windswept outer coastline.  Kingfishers, herons and eagles all fished along the edges of the water.

In Hurricane Anchorage we were reunited with Discovery, who had been out on their own fishing.  It was fun to see them and catch up with their experiences over the past few days.  Hurricane Anchorage is a nice, well protected anchorage.  Steve and Sam took the kayaks out for a spin, and some of the other crews went out fishing for the afternoon.  We took a dinghy trip over to the Spitfire narrows.  This is a rather infamous spot among boaters.  It is an extremely narrow, shallow passage that must be navigated with the utmost care.  Even seeing it at high tide from the dingy it was hard to believe that the fleet has passed through there before.

We had a nice evening at anchor.  The temperature was pleasant and there were no bugs, so it was easy to stay outside.  Deception had Change of Latitude over for dinner, and we enjoyed a great meal together.  Doug, Marta, Doreen and Rob are all lovely people with many interesting stories.  It was fun to get to know them a little better and hear about some of their previous travels and boating experiences.

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