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Boat Commissioning Checklist to Properly Outfit your New Yacht

At last, the final stage of your build is on the horizon. It’s typically the most exciting part of the journey:  boat commissioning. Outfitting your gleaming new yacht with state-of-the-art equipment is such a critical aspect of the yacht building experience. You need to have complete faith in the products you choose, as well as faith in the experts who perform the installations.

The investment in commissioning your yacht at this stage can be sizeable. So, ensure you know what’s required to achieve:  the ultimate in safety; ease of operation; maximized enjoyment; and, a smart long-term investment.

We’ve prepared an overview of the three main areas that should definitely be on your boat commissioning checklist:

Communications equipment:

Reliable navigation equipment is paramount to your safety on a yacht. Getting to your destinations and returning to shore is highly reliant upon the expert installation of navigation equipment. With options like satellite equipment, you’ll cruise with an added safety net, providing all-encompassing security and peace of mind. Yet, without the impeccable skills of a seasoned team, you could be putting the safety of you and your passengers at risk should the equipment fail. One missed step can cause a boatload of hazards.

Electronic packages:

Beyond your essential communications, options like auto-pilot systems, GPS devices, weather stations and electronic charts can make all the difference in the fluidity of your voyages. We offer packages to help simplify the multitude of choice and save you money on individual costing and installation.


Enjoyment is one of the primary goals when you cruise. For many yachters, a stellar music system can make all the difference for their fun factor at sea. For times when you’re not gazing languidly at the sea or shoreline, a solid TV system can provide a change of pace, mood and mentality.  Invite comedy, drama, news or reality TV shows on deck. Choosing and installing entertainment equipment properly helps avoid the mid-show blackout or unreliable sound from your speakers.

At NW Explorations, our service team operates with elite skills and expertise. The company’s impeccable reputation and excellent customer service, not to mention our passion for boating… puts us in the top tier for choice in the Pacific Northwest to commission a yacht.

We will happily advise you in choosing the right equipment for your yacht if you need it and ensure it is installed accurately and ergonomically.  If it displays neatly and saves space, your yacht will retain added value. The NW Explorations team can also provide guidance on equipment to future-proof the vessel and ultimately save you money over time.

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