Detailing by NW Explorations
Yacht detailing is very important to maintain your vessel’s value and appearance. NWE uses high quality products and professional staff to clean your vessel inside and out. We know what we’re doing and combine expertise and attention to detail in order to deliver quality work every time – guaranteed. Our Interior & Exterior Detail Specialists are great at taking care of your valued investment.

Interior Yacht Detailing
Whether it is a quick post-trip spruce up or an interior deep clean, our interior yacht specialists can get the job done! Keep your yacht interior in tip top condition by inviting our professional interior yacht specialists to give your yacht the once over. Our experienced team will ensure everything is ship shape and ready for action.

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We offer custom tailored interior maintenance programs, as well as one-time services.  We also specialize in preparing boats for sale.

  • Dusting, polishing, vacuuming, and scrubbing to ensure your galley, heads, cabins and all other living areas below deck are in pristine condition.
  • All seat cushions & carpeting cleaned, sent out if requested.
  • All lockers opened and wiped cleaned inside and out.
  • All appliances opened, scrubbed and cleaned inside and out.
  • Stainless polished.
  • Windows, floors & hatch seals cleaned.
  • Environmentally friendly products.
  • Custom requests welcome.

Boat Washing
Regular boat washes prevent weathering of canvas, vinyl, wood, plexiglass, gelcoat and or paint. It keeps your gear in top condition and prevents oxidation, dry rot, rust etc. Monthly boat washes can also help you discover damage or worn equipment that may need repair or replacement before it becomes a hazard to you and your crew.

Washes include:

  • Scrub and wash all surfaces on hull (waterline up) and deck removing black streaks, minor algae and general dirt.
  • All locker gutters wiped clean.
  • Spot clean canvas.
  • Chamois dry and hand clean all glass/isinglass.
  • We use environmentally green boat soap containing carnuba wax to get rid of all the salt and dirt, without stripping off the boat wax coating that is protecting your paint or gelcoat.

Waxing plays a key role in keeping your boat looking great and protecting the exterior of your boat. Whether you have gelcoat or paint, wax is the barrier between your boat’s surface and the harsh environment your boat lives in, full of sun, dirt, and bird droppings. Go too long between waxes, and you end up needing a more time intensive buffing process to properly protect your boat from elements.

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Buffing and Waxing
NWE’s detailing and waxing service is a custom process based on your vessel’s needs.

  • First we analyze the condition of the boat.
  • Second we wash the boat to clean away all scuff marks, grime and dirt. We get into all the little crevices and niches to detail every surface and remove all tannin stains and surface green.
  • Third we start the buff & wax- choosing either a polish or compound depending on condition of boat to bring back the original or factory appearance of the surface.
  • After the surface is brought to a bright luster, it is ready for a protecting coat of wax.
  • The finishing coat provides superb protection from sunlight, salt water, and environmental pollution, and turns your vessel into a shining model of nautical excellence
  • Finish with a wash

Our service removes oxidation, scuffs, and imperfections providing long term protection from the elements while making your boat look its best.

Other Detailing Services

  • Teak Cleaning
  • Bilges & Lazarette Cleaning
  • Engine Room Detailing & Painting
  • Stainless Polishing

Once your boat is detailed and polished, you can keep the sparkle all season long with our boat washing services.  Whether it’s a one-time event, or monthly service, NWE’s Detailing Department makes your boat stand out-in the marina or while your cruising the San Juan Islands. Our professional team offers a wide variety of yacht service to keep your boat clean and well-maintained.  This will allow you to enjoy your boat more often and for a longer period.

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