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Inverters and inverter/chargers allow you the ability to use your vessel systems without the need for a shore power connection or generator. These quiet, efficient units allow for seamless transfer of power to and from the battery banks. Easy access to battery bank information through monitoring kits allows you manage your power usage.

Retro-fitting your vessel with a stabilization systems and/or thrusters allows for the peace of mind that you’ll have a smoother ride and better maneuverability for those days when conditions are less than ideal. Whether considering a bow thruster, stern thruster, or both, we can design the system that is best suited for your vessel.

When on your boat you want reliability of all essential systems; including the sanitation system! We install systems that minimize power consumption and maximize maceration, which helps reduce “head” odor and clogged lines. Modern marine toilets are designed to look and feel more like your household toilet than the standard marine head.

Installation and use of a water maker allows you the freedom to travel further and more remotely, without have to rely on a fixed water source to replenish your tanks. We can design a water production system based on your tank capacity and expected water usage; including installing a new thru-hull and strainer, reverse osmosis membranes, supply pump and remote monitoring.

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