REPAIRS | NW Explorations



Don’t have the time or expertise to work on your vessel? Let the team at NWE do it for you!  Not only do we have technicians available to address all your vessel’s mechanical needs, but we also have staff who can keep your vessel’s interior accommodation spaces and exterior decks in spotless condition.  Our staff are trained in using environmentally sound cleaning products and techniques that minimize impact in our local harbor and waterways.  All of our staff are mobile within the Bellingham area.

Over time, electrical connections and wiring exposed to damp, salt air and vibrations can corrode, chafe, and loosen, causing shorts and failures in equipment at the most in opportune times. Our skilled team of ABYC certified electricians can diagnose and repair electrical equipment, ensuring that your vessel’s wiring is safely and correctly installed.

Whether you need a simple buff and wax to improve your vessel’s appearance or a fiberglass repair on the underwater hull to maintain watertight integrity, our exterior detailing crew and composite technicians will keep your vessel shipshape and blemish-free.

Even with periodic maintenance, systems do eventually require repair. Our technicians are trained to work on a variety of vessel systems including water makers, plumbing and sanitation, marine heating and air conditioning, propane cooking, refrigeration systems, hydraulic systems, dinghy hoists and davits, vessel stabilization, inverters and chargers, and navigation equipment, just to name a few!

Contact us for all your yacht repair needs! Email or call 360-676-1248.