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Buying a Used Yacht: Avoid the Sinkholes.

On the firsthand, buying a second-hand yacht is by no means an easy decision. But it is a smart decision when it comes to finances. Purchasing a brand-new yacht is a considerably costlier venture, with a price tag that is typically 25 – 35% higher. Buying a used yacht saves you the sales tax as well.

At NWE, 99% of our brokerage yachts are not new, and that is intentional for some of these very reasons. As well, because our customers can keep their purchased yachts in our charter fleet, it’s a win-win situation allowing for the yacht owners to earn money while not using the vessel. Those monies can help considerably in paying for moorage, maintenance, updates and repairs.

There are some fundamental things to avoid when buying a second-hand yacht. Some are intuitive, some are not. Caution is always the name of the game related to sea-going vessels, but here are some particularly important potential hazards with used yachts:

  • There is quite the difference between used boats and used up boats. Ensure a Marine Surveyor performs a thorough assessment to determine the operational and mechanical fortitude of the used yacht you are planning to purchase.
  • Yachts that have been neglected with their maintenance and upkeep. It’s important to ask for records or logs of maintenance performed. An experienced technician will be able to ascertain what’s been done or not, and what is required. At NWE, our technicians adhere to a detailed checklist to ensure the used yacht has received its most recent maintenance and meets strict standards.
  • Boats with high moisture in decks and hulls should be avoided. It’s obvious as to why, but not so obvious to discover. A technical expert can help you determine if there are any immediate issues with moisture.
  • Low hours on engines and generators can lead to more serious problems.
  • Don’t purchase a boat without a marine survey and an engine survey. These are the most crucial of measures. You absolutely do not want to purchase a non-seaworthy yacht.

NWE provides a safe haven for used yachts and provides buyers with the assurance of vessels that meet and exceed standards. Not only that, the yachts undergo the rigors of our extensive assessments and will not be acquired or sold without passing every single test.

Having the confidence that the used yacht you’re considering buying is neither falling apart nor about to, is immeasurable. And it means many happy cruising days ahead.

Count on the expertise at NWE and purchase a used yacht with certainty! Call us at 1-800-826-1430.

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