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Capt. Brian’s Tips: How to Optimize Fuel Efficiency, While Protecting Your Boat’s Engine (Video)

Did you know that running your boat too slow could cause harmful carbonization to your engine? This, in turn, can cause costly boat maintenance issues.

In the above video, Captain Brian unpacks how to get good fuel economy, while protecting your boat’s engine; you can do this in two easy steps:

Step 1: Determine what RPM is necessary to achieve a minimum 500 degrees cylinder temperature; this will show you what your ideal RPM is for both fuel economy and engine protection.

Step 2: Add a centrifuge to your boat’s oil supply system. This runs your boat’s high-pressure oil through the centrifuge, which filters out particles, such as carbon. Be sure to clean your centrifuge at least once a year! Typically, we find about half an inch of sludge built up in our centrifuge during its annual cleaning.

The combination of these two steps will help you get maximum fuel efficiency, while protecting your boat’s engine. Watch the above video for details!

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