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Cruisers were Full Throttle at a NW Explorations Workshop

Who doesn’t want to learn more about cruising, safety tips and gain hands-on practice from an expert when you’re a boat-owner or operator? At NW Explorations we know this kind of knowledge in cruising can save your life, your boat or both.

That’s why, on the weekend of October 20th and 21st, 2018, we brought in Master Technician, educator, consultant and gifted communicator Steve D’Antonio. He was accompanied by an equally outstanding author/educator/speaker, Ralph Naranjo, to hold their dynamic “Cruiser’s Workshop” weekend.

Conveniently, the cruising workshop coincided with our annual Charter Yacht Owner’s Conference. So, it truly was a weekend of information sharing across the board.

Enthusiastic cruisers came from across the US to attend the sold-out workshop. Participants had access to a fully functional and mobile (on wheels) diesel engine that Steve could move around easily. He demonstrated various mechanisms on the engine and safety protocols. There were even fireworks when he illustrated fire hazards that can happen with a marine battery, by intentionally wiring it incorrectly so it shorted. The resulting sparks and smoke made an impactful visual learning tool for the audience.

Ralph Naranjo presented a wealth of valuable information in the workshop too, like how to plan for tides and weather, as well as critical safety factors.

Other subjects covered over the duration of the 2-day workshop included:

  • Changing the propeller
  • Battery hookups
  • Changing parts
  • Mechanical intricacies

A robust power point presentation and breakout sessions got all hands-on deck to dive into tactical applications, all with the goal of enhancing their cruising experiences.

Really, our goal and philosophy at NW Explorations aligns with Steve’s and Ralph’s:  to help boaters enjoy being on the water more, armed with safety know-how. Because owning or operating a yacht requires much more than maintaining it. Education and preparedness are key.

The locale where it was held, our newly renovated and outfitted NW Explorations Service Shop, is a testament to our continued goal of being a leader in the industry. Pristine and well-outfitted, the shop is leading edge in high-tech with immaculate stainless steel benches, retractable air hoses (in the ceiling and benches), and an “open curtain” format. Our atypical shop enables us to perform maintenance and upkeep in a professional environment.

As for future workshops and events? Discussions are being had around providing a possible curriculum including training, guest lecturers and other educational tools. But wherever NW Explorations is headed, we are continually aspiring to be the “go-to” for yachting knowledge.

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