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Desolation Sound 2023: Day 11: Lasquitti Island to Montague Harbour

The rain broke and we woke to a beautiful sunrise as the clouds dissipated. We had perfect weather for crossing the Strait of Georgia; calm, sunny, and views of the mountains. There is a great view of the Vancouver Mountain range, the North Cascades, and if you are lucky you can see Mt Baker.

Once across we made our way up to Dodd Narrows to pass through at slack tide. Dodd Narrow is a small entrance just south of Nanaimo where the current gets ripping. There seems to always be a couple of sea lions swimming in the current and a few of them barked at us as we made our way through. The weather was so beautiful most of us sat up on our flybridge to pass through and enjoy the sunshine.

Once in Montague many of us went to shore for a hike. The trail in this park is along the water and lined with Madrona trees. These twisted and colorful trees are one of my favorites and a classic sight in this area. Their red and green colors stand out from the other greyer trunks and create beautiful silhouettes with a backdrop of crystal clear water. There is also a beautiful white sand beach which makes you feel like you are in the tropics. If you look closer, you can see that the sand is made up of many little bits of shell. In the bank above the beach, you can see layers of shells that were put there by the first nations people who lived here for thousands of years.

We all made our way back to our boats to enjoy the sunset across the water and say goodnight to another wonderful day.

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