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Desolation Sound Flotilla: Day 6 – Princess Louisa Inlet to Egmont

The Backeddy Resort and Marina of Egmont was a very quiet and interesting destination.  The character and charm of the community of yurts, a high-end restaurant, and a local pub located close to the infamous Skookumchuck Narrows was a pleasure to visit after having left Princess Louisa this morning.  It’s a fantastic stop for re-provisioning of groceries, fuel, and water; Wi-Fi access was also readily available.

Though we had missed the peak flow times for visiting the Skookumchuck Narrows, we decided to embark upon a jet boat tour of the area.  Bryce, our captain for this excursion, was very informative about the local history; knowing a great deal about the recent logging, gravel mining, independent tourism, and residential development within the inland waters.

There was an abundance of wildlife very close to the docks. Collin, aboard Eldean, was able to capture an amazing photo of a sea lion with a big pink salmon in its mouth. Many local fishermen were hauling in big yellow-eyes, which are a massive rockfish that are at least a 100 years old judging by the size. Stellars jays flew around the pub flashing their iridescent feathers. They are very pretty and rather common to this area.

Egmont was a peaceful community providing many amenities to the cruisers that pass through. The service was excellent, from dockside to fine dining, and would be a fine recommendation to any who pass through. Our next stop is a smaller community nestled behind the Desolation Sound Provincial Park called Okeover.

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