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Discover a luxury yachting company anchored in exceptional service

When searching for the ideal yachting experience and company, cruisers typically want much more than just a beautiful vessel to captain.

Sure, the choice and variety of pristine yachts matter. But at Northwest Explorations (NWE), even our first-time customers tell us it’s also the unparalleled customer service, breadth of services and how much they trust in our capabilities and expertise that make the ultimate difference.

As the premier full-service luxury yachting company in the Pacific Northwest, it is our benchmark to strive for excellence in everything we do. We maintain exceedingly high expectations of our performance, and those standards remain unmatched in the region.

New customers always welcome and never disappointed 

When you come to NWE as a first-time customer, you’ll discover just how many services are available to you:

The company is based in Bellingham, Washington, with a sleek new location (2019) about to launch in Sidney, BC on Vancouver Island. NWE itself is built on a foundation of 25 years of boating industry experience, with technicians, brokers, captains and naturalists making up our staff of experts.

Lovely Yachting Community

NW Explorations gained its notoriety in the yachting community, in part from the flotillas we offer. These group voyages give customers the opportunity to cruise to the far reaches of Alaska, in and around the San Juan Islands, or to remote coastal regions of BC like Desolation Sound. First-time flotilla guests (and even second, third or fourth-time flotilla guests) are never short of enchantment by the end of their journey. The scenery, camaraderie and navigation create a unique and highly memorable voyage for all. So much so, that often our guests book again immediately upon completing a flotilla, to anchor their spots for the following year!

And as the world’s only authorized Grand Banks Charter Company, customers can be entirely confident they will be cruising aboard an exquisitely outfitted yacht.

Want an insider’s look at NW E? Learn more about our culture, company and lineup of flotillas available, by visiting us at the BC Boat Show, May 2-5, 2019.

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