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Flotilla Vacations for Families

Flotilla Vacations are for Kids too.

Yes, children are more than welcome on our flotillas. More than that, they’ll have enriching experiences from the moment they step aboard. They’ll also be engaged at a deep level through experiential education and involvement.

So, what do you need to do to make it a fantastic voyage for all?

First, choose a flotilla leg that includes many opportunities to go ashore and explore. Your young ones will need to stretch their legs and expend energy, so many shore excursions are ideal.

Secondly, get them onboard with the idea. Show or discuss the itinerary, teach them (and show pictures) about the places you’ll be going, and what they can expect. Ask them if there is a favorite possession or two they want to bring along. Include them in parts of the planning where it makes sense. They’ll love having a voice!

Here are a few tips to make flotillas a wonderful time for your family:

  • Pick a flotilla leg that visits communities in the area. Kids can run around, play at parks and playgrounds, walk or hike and visit museums.
  • Bring some fun along! Pack a few of their favorite ‘quiet’ activities such as books, puzzles, knitting or board games. And have a good movie or two at the ready.
  • Create a travel-themed bingo board that includes sights they hope to see along the way, like bears or sea otters, a cruise ship / any boat or a daytime moon.
  • Bring along kid binoculars.
  • Make a splash by taking your child out for fun dinghy rides often.

On the more practical side, bring along medication for kid-type ailments, seasickness medication, hats, sunscreens and waterproof clothing/shoes.

Before you even arrive to your departure point, don’t neglect to establish hard and fast ground rules (with education) regarding PFD’s.

The on-board experience can be just as fascinating and educational. With a naturalist aboard the lead yacht, as well as other extremely knowledgeable staff, your kids will have access to a depth of real life insight into all they encounter on your cruise.

Flotillas with NWE are more than family-friendly; they help enhance the lifelong bonds you all have. Children thrive in this exhilarating environment and are typically fascinated and curious about the things they see. Sharing those experiences together is fulfilling for all.

Get the whole tribe booked for a leg of our Flotilla soon. Space books up fast!

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