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Founder of NW Explorations cruises back in

Brian Pemberton, founder of NW Explorations has returned to port and we couldn’t be more pleased! Although Brian’s not jumping back into the helm, his new role as a broker will be such an incredible asset.

Brian created a safe and exciting way to explore the Pacific Northwest

The entire Bellingham yachting community were sad to see Brian go when he retired in the summer of 2018. After all, he had 50 years of accident-free maritime experience, a flawless reputation and had created a safe and exciting way to explore the Pacific Northwest on his Mother Goose Flotillas. Brian created the flotilla charters so that all ages and abilities could voyage by yacht to destinations as far away as Sitka and Skagway, Alaska.

Under Brian’s wing, we swelled from a staff of 6 to now more than 30 full-time employees. The company remains the Pacific Northwest’s only full service, premier yachting company of its kind offering flotillas to explore the rugged west coast.

“We are so excited about his return!”

Happily for us, it seems Brian couldn’t stay away from the lure of his former premier yachting company and the industry he loves so dearly. “Retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be,” Brian laughed. “When the business of boating is your lifeblood and you pour your heart into it for so long, it’s virtually impossible to leave. I am thrilled to undertake this new adventure of brokering, working with the things I love: yachts and people,” he said.

Returning as a broker was an obvious and natural fit. “He has SO much boating knowledge,” said McKenzie Temple, a staff member at NW Explorations. “We are all very excited about his return!”

Brian’s unmatched experience in the yachting industry truly makes him the ideal individual to assist mariners interested in acquiring or selling their dream vessel.

Brian brings his top-to-bottom expertise and knowledge in nearly every nuance of boating, including mechanics, operating systems, specifications and capabilities of each yacht. We are so grateful to welcome back our founder and we congratulate Brian for diving headfirst into this new adventure with NW Explorations Bellingham.

Contact Brian or any of the brokers at NW Explorations for assistance.

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