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Get ship shape results from expert boat detailing

To keep your yacht looking and operating beautifully from bow to stern this season and beyond, invest in some regular TLC:  boat detailing. Regular upkeep is essential to keep your vessel looking and operating at its absolute best.

Proper deep cleaning, polishing, and buffing and waxing all require the diligence of professionals with exceptional attention to detail who know yachts inside and out. Boat detailing at NW Explorations services yachts both small and large.  Our experienced team is familiar with large high-quality yachts and they give every boat that same detailed attention.

Future-proof your investment

Regularly scheduled detailing is all about future-proofing your investment. This commitment not only keeps your vessel in its best form, you’re also ensuring safety, extending its longevity and keeping its operational performance optimal. A marine vehicle simply won’t subsist on its own without proper care. The regular attention and service we can provide makes a substantial difference.

Cleaning and preventative maintenance

Even the interior of your yacht requires detailing on a semi-regular basis. Cleaning and preventative maintenance of carpeting and cushions or other cosmetic surfaces ensures you continue to maximize your total enjoyment of the cabin space.

Looking at selling?

Detailing is essential to maximize your selling price. Like a car, a sparkling, shiny clean yacht that has obviously been well-kept, will fetch far more than one a little rough around the edges.

At NW Explorations’ newly outfitted boat detailing and maintenance facility, our expert service professionals have access to top of the line equipment. They’re able to provide meticulous and thorough boat detailing for every vessel served. If there are concerning issues found while the boat detailing is underway, they will quickly be brought to your attention and quoted for repairs/replacement.

Get in touch with us

Maybe it’s occasional detailing you’re after. Or perhaps you want to schedule something regular or seasonal. Or, maybe you’re not certain what you need. That’s where a consultation with one of our representatives will help define exactly what’s required for your yacht.

The packages at NW Explorations can provide:

  • Exterior detailing (boat washing, buffing and waxing)
  • Customized interior maintenance
  • Single or one-time services
  • Monthly or seasonal scheduled services
  • Sale Preparation ServiceHave a scroll through the NW Explorations’ boat detailing page to get a better idea of what services can be provided. Then contact us and place your well-loved yacht in the hands of experts.

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