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Get up to speed with spring yacht training

Need a brush-up on yacht training? Or perhaps it’s on your bucket list to finally learn the basics so you can charter and captain a vessel yourself this season.

NW Explorations has comprehensive (and fun!) courses taught by some of the most friendly and knowledgeable instructors in the biz. Spring yacht training begins in April, but is already selling out for some classes, so don’t idle.

Our courses

  1. 3-day Powerboat Course. Kickstart the season with a comprehensive course where you’ll learn how to skipper your own yacht, while enjoying a mini vacation around the San Juan Islands. You’ll acquire skills like anchoring, mooring, navigation and route planning, docking skills, emergency protocol and more.
  2. 3-day Women Only. Learn the ropes in a supportive, all-women yacht training course. The course provides you with all the ins and outs of our regular 3-day powerboat course, but it’s exclusive to women. Cruise around the San Juan Islands while familiarizing yourself with all aspects of chartering and captaining a yacht.
  3. 1-day Powerboat Course. This is the condensed version if you don’t have time to take a full 3-day course, or just need to refresh your skills before taking a charter later in the season. Gain confidence with close-quarter maneuvering and get intimately familiar with yacht systems. We do our best to get you on the yacht you’re chartering.
  4. Private instruction. If one-on-one is more your style, book a weekend or an entire week of private training. Weekend yacht training includes the cost of your instructor, use of the vessel and on-board sleeping accommodations. Focus on specific skills or go over a whole slew of skillsets.

On a private week-long “Learn ‘n Cruise” you will charter the vessel of your choice and a private captain will provide personalized instruction relevant to the yacht you’re on. They can stay aboard for as long as you want until you’re comfortable cruising solo.

All 1 and 3-day yacht training courses include course materials, training, any moorage fees and a certificate of completion. The 3-day yacht training courses also include lodging and most meals.

At NW Explorations we will do our best to accommodate all needs and preferences for yacht training.

Wanting something specific? Just ask!

Book soon before these courses sell out, and be 100% ready for the cruising season.

Contact us toll-free at 1-800-826-1430 or locally at 360-676-1248, or you can also send us an email:

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