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San Juan Islands Sojourn

A family of sailors leaves their sails behind for a charter in the Pacific Northwest....

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Neptune Yachting Moteur

Every year in the summer, a flotilla of Grand Banks leaves to discover the splendors of Alaska...

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A boater wants to share his lifelong love with his family

Boating, so the theory goes, is good for kids. It brings families together, it builds quality time, it creates great memories....

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Pacific Northwest Boat Charter Updates 2011

There were no stories of doom and gloom despite the late start to our warm and sunny summer weather....

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Power & Motoryacht Interview, Dr Jeffrey Bland

Experienced cruiser Dr. Jeffrey Bland offers sage advice for the time-strapped, passionate boater....

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Spirit Catcher

We dropped by NW Explorations Yacht Sales in Bellingham to check out Spirit Catcher, a spectacular example of a Grand Banks 52 Europa....