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The top 5 issues prevented by regular boat service

Sure, they say “A bad day of boating is better than a good day at work.” Yet, if you’re adrift with no land in sight and an engine that won’t start, you may rethink that. Spring is a thrilling season for boaters. But first, there’s some swabbing of decks to do. Time to bring that yacht out of hibernation and give her a generous dose of boat service.

Or, if you’ve just purchased one, ensure your yacht gets a professionally detailed inspection and maintenance schedule started right away. Regular boat service will go the distance when it comes to preventing failures in the mechanics or structure of your yacht. Making her sea-worthy for the season is not only smart, it promotes the yacht’s longevity.

At NW Explorations, our professional maintenance experts are just the ticket to get things launched and running. From their newly-outfitted modernized workshop, or in your garage or local marina, they come well-equipped to provide an extremely detailed inspection and perform most necessary repairs, modifications or installations.

NW Exploration’s maintenance experts are often asked exactly what they look for or seek to prevent when providing boat maintenance. Here are the Top 5 issues that can be prevented by regular (at least annual) boat service:

1. Steering issues. Tight steering, a limited range of motion, fluid leaks (hydraulic steering), or visible steering cable frays can result in a complete break of the cable or connections resulting in a total loss of steering.
2. Engine overheating. If the engine or intake pump is plugged with seaweed or other debris, it will overheat. It could be from a restricted exhaust manifold, or damage has been done to the thermometer.
3. Loss of power. Maybe it’s the plugs, or a filter problem, debris or bad fuel.
4. Leaks. Yachts do incur a lot of stress in various conditions. Without meticulous checking and repairing, a leak out in the middle of the ocean can quickly become a very big problem.
5. Intense vibration. Worn out bearings, shaft, or a bent prop can be come of the reasons for a whole lot of shaking going on.

At NW Explorations, all yachts in our fleet and any member who requires maintenance or repairs on their yacht, receives the utmost preventative maintenance at every boat service appointment. For a more complete list of the rigorous checklist and capabilities available, refer to NWE’s Service page.

Plus, all assessments and work carried out by our experts is fully guaranteed with any of our brokerage vessels.

Go into the boating season with the utmost of confidence and cruise with peace of mind, knowing your vessel has been properly and expertly prepared for the incredible season ahead.

Rely upon the expertise at NWE and contact us for all your yacht maintenance needs at or call 1-800-826-1430 (US) or in Canada 236 237-6939.

Happy and safe cruising!

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