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Kabola Training for a few of our Marine Technicians

Al, Art, and myself (David) attended the Kabola training in Anacortes yesterday.  There were representatives from Holland one who spoke English and one that spoke much less but is half owner of Kabola.  We learned a bit about he products and the company history; where they have been and where they are going.  NW Explorations has 6 Kabola furnaces in our fleet at the moment and 5 other Kabola furnaces that we are responsible for.  Along with the history we had an open discussion on Kabola installation processes and equipment used.  Kabola units can be use with fans, or radiators, and radiant heating applications.   They can heat hot water for the fresh water system and be used in instant hot situations.  Kabola heating can also be tied into air conditioner chillers so that from one set of ducting you can receive both heat and air conditioning.  Then we had lunch.

The second half of the day was spent going over the tuning of the heater heads themselves as well as demonstrations of the new KB series burner which is a high output and very efficient heater; pictured.  Questions were asked, translated, translated again and answered.  All in all it was very informational and I have an open invite to visit the Kabola factory this year when I visit Europe with my wife in the end of September.

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