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Mother Goose 2019: Leg 1: Day 10: Fury Cove to Hurricane Anchorage

A shorter day today allowed us to enjoy a slow morning at anchor in Fury Cove.  The smells of coffee and breakfast cooking wafted around the harbor.  The day was overcast and drizzly but without wind.  This was welcome news to us since our route today took us through more open water.

As we traveled, we spotted lots of Sea otters floating on their backs in small groups.  It was fun to observe them rolling around on the surface and diving below.  Our route today had us winding through many small islands and reefs and ducking in and out of the ocean swell.  It’s quite exhilarating to be navigating your boat through these areas while watching the waves crashing around us.  The channels that Captain Jordan led us through were calmer and had plenty of water.

The landscape is drastically different out here on these wind-swept islands that are battered by the sea.  The trees grow smaller and are twisted into peculiar shapes.  Shore pines and yellow cedar dominate the forest, but large stretches of the hills are barren rock.  Large kelp beds surround the islands; their fronds moving with the crashing waves and creating habitat for 100s of small creatures that couldn’t otherwise survive there.

A dinghy tour around hurricane anchorage and the surrounding islands allowed us to soak in the remoteness and quietness of this beautiful place.  Harbor seals popped their heads up to look at us as we drifted through the kelp beds.  Later in the evening, Deception had the Bonum Vitae crew over for dinner and we shared a lovely meal.

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