Mother Goose 2019: Leg 1: Day 13: Aaltanhash Inlet to Bishop Bay Hot Springs | NW Explorations


Mother Goose 2019: Leg 1: Day 13: Aaltanhash Inlet to Bishop Bay Hot Springs

As we cruised through Graham Reach, we saw the remnants of the days when logging and canning were big here.  The chimney of an old saw mill stood among the trees that have grown up around it.  The old cannery town of Butedale has been mostly abandoned since the 80s, but once housed over 100 workers.  Many of the buildings are falling apart but the new owners have just put in new docks and are hoping to give the place a second life.

Today we had multiple pods of Dall’s porpoise riding our bow wake as we cruised.  The playful pods seemed to see us coming and head our way.  Sending up a rooster tail of spray each time they broke the surface.  Dall’s porpoise rival killer whales as the fastest of the marine mammals; they easily kept pace with us at 9 knots for about 10 minutes before heading off.

We arrived in Bishop Bay in the early afternoon and rafted four of the boats together.  Patos opted to grab a mooring ball for a quieter night in the anchorage.  The rest of us loaded up in Deception’s dinghy and went out to explore the low tide around the bay.  We saw all sorts of intertidal zone life as we cruised.  Purple and orange sea stars covered the rocks, and we were able to spot urchins and sea cucumbers under the water.  Different types of kelp grew along the shore and the water was thick with plankton.

The afternoon was overcast with on and off drizzle, perfect for soaking in the natural hot springs on shore.  A short boardwalk through the moss draped forest leads to the steaming pool.  A pool and shelter have been built around the spring allowing you to soak while listening to the rain pitter patter on the roof.  From the pool you can look out on the bay and surrounding forested hills.  What a peaceful place for a soak!

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