Mother Goose 2019: Leg 1: Day 15: McMicking Inlet to Lowe Inlet | NW Explorations


Mother Goose 2019: Leg 1: Day 15: McMicking Inlet to Lowe Inlet

We woke to a calm, sunny morning in McMicking Inlet.  We had expected to hole up here for the day to stay out of the wind, but after getting word that the seas were calm outside of our anchorage as well, we decided to continue on.  And boy were we glad we did!  We had a day filled with great wildlife sightings!

The west side of Campania Island was full of bird activity.  Cormorants, loons, guillemots, and scoters could be seen diving for schools of fish while gulls clamored above the water hoping to get in on the action.  As we came around the southern point of the island, we spotted a group of humpback whales feeding together.  We saw as many as six whales surface at one time!

Further up through Squally Channel we spotted the tall, black dorsal fins of killer whales.  Our first sighting of killer whales on this trip!  At first we just saw fins in the distance, but as we slowed down our boats, a small group of four or five whales began swimming right towards us.  We put the boats in neutral and watched in awe as the small pod of transient killer whales swam right between our boats.  The group consisted of a couple of females and their offspring, including one very small calf.  Further out in the channel the large male continued to surface with a few other females.

We opted to head inland today to the more protected waters of Grenville channel.  Beautiful scenery surrounded us as we cruised up this narrow fjord.  Once tucked in the back of Lowe Inlet for the evening we took off exploring.  A large waterfall flows into the back of the bay fed by an inland lake.  We got close enough to feel the spray and marvel at the churning whitewater.

Deception had the Patos crew over for dinner this evening.  We enjoyed a nice meal together and swapped stories and bad jokes.  Part way through dinner Dan and Cindy on Thea spotted some mountain goats high on the hills above our anchorage.  We could just make them out moving along the hillside.  A golden sunset lit up the forested hills and we settled in for a peaceful night at anchor.

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