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Mother Goose 2019: Leg 1: Day 17: Prince Rupert to Foggy Bay

With winds predicted to come up in the afternoon, we cast off our lines and were underway by 6am this morning.  Rising early, we were able to see the beautiful sunrise coming up over the surrounding hills.  We cruised out on glassy seas through Venn Passage in the brightening day.

Out in the open waters of the Dixon Entrance there was a bit of swell, but nothing uncomfortable and very little wind.  The amazingly sunny stretch of weather we’ve been having continued throughout the day.  We took a detour through the Moffat Islands, weaving our way through the many small islands, rocks and reefs.

As we cruised we spotted Stellar sea lions, Dall’s porpoise, and even a few humpback whales.  Lots of diving birds, including Rhinoceros auklets, were visible on the calm water as well.  Midway through the day we crossed the international border into Alaska!

The entrance to Foggy Bay is a narrow channel that opens up into a beautiful protected anchorage.  A dinghy tour up Very Inlet revealed long twisting waterways that extend miles inland.  To explore them by dinghy you must time the tidal rapids correctly.  The Discovery and Thea crews joined us on an excursion up through the rapids and around in the vast inlet beyond.  We came across river otters, mink, deer, harbor seals, bald eagles and lots of sea stars and other intertidal zone life.

Later this evening, the Thea crew joined us on Deception for dinner.  We enjoyed a delicious meal together and got to catch up on how the trip has been for them and what the rest of the summer holds for them.  They are delightful people and Jim kept us on our toes with his sense of humor.

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