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Mother Goose 2019: Leg 1: Day 3: Nanaimo

Everyone enjoyed a slow morning today.  Once we all had our coffee and breakfast, it was time to make our plans for the day.  Each crew ended up going their own way today.  Around mid-morning, Bonum Vitae and Patos decided to continue on to Pender Harbour on the other side of the Strait of Georgia.  We bid them farewell and waved them off.  We hope to catch up with them there tomorrow night.  Those of us who remained in Nanaimo enjoyed shopping around town, visiting the museum and getting some chores done.

Let me introduce our 2019 Leg 1 Mother Goose crews!  Aboard Bonum Vitae we have Bill and Vivian from Ohio and Frank and Barbara from Virginia.  Bill and Vivian have done the Loop as well as past NWE charters.  They are both delightful couples, and we are glad to have them along.

Patos has a full crew aboard this trip.  Bob and Madeline live in Maine and are traveling with Bob’s sister Kathy, her husband John and their friends Richard and Scotty from Ottawa, Canada.  They are a fun-loving bunch with lots of sailing experience.

The Deception crew had the pleasure of going to dinner with the Arctic Star group tonight.  We greatly enjoyed their company and learned a lot from them.  Jim and Cindy live in Ohio as well and are friends with Bill and Vivian.  They met their cruising companions Dan and Jean doing the Great Loop.

Roy and Donna are skippering the vessel Discovery.  This is their fifth charter with NWE and leg 1 is their favorite leg to take due to the length and the scenery.  They have been a lot of fun to get to know and they have a lot of cruising knowledge.  Their traveling companions for the first half of this trip are Fred and Andrea.

And, on our lead vessel Deception we have Captain Jordan Pemberton, technician Brodie McEachen, naturalist Hannah King and dockhand Lilly Spooner.

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