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Mother Goose 2019: Leg 1: Day 6: Octopus Islands to Lagoon Cove

We navigated our way through two separate rapids today.  Since we timed both, near slack tide neither gave us much trouble.  It is incredible to think about the early explorers navigating their sailing and rowing vessels through these waters without the help of technology or local knowledge.

Cruising through Johnstone Strait today, we came across Dall’s porpoise and a good-sized pod of Pacific White Sided Dolphins.  The dolphins were traveling slowly and surfacing together as a group.  We also spotted many bald eagles and even a few nests!  These nests are often added to year after year by the same nesting pair and can become quite enormous.  The Patos crew counted 19 eagles today!

We had a partly sunny day for most of the cruise today and very little wind until the very end of the trip.  About an hour out from Lagoon Cove it started to rain lightly and continued for the rest of the afternoon.  The rain didn’t stop us from having the traditional pot luck happy hour at Lagoon Cove.

Dan, Kelley and Mike happily welcomed us onto their property.  Our boats were the first of the season to use the new docks that had recently been installed.  We gathered in the workshop out of the rain and enjoyed some amazing food prepared by each boat.  It was wonderful to have the whole group together in one spot happily enjoying a meal and each other’s company.

Lagoon cove is a special place.  It is obvious that the owners and caretakers pour their heart and soul into the place and it manages to encapsulate the best aspects of cruising.  The communal potluck, unofficial library and movie rental, walking trails and yard games all add to the appeal.  After a full day and with full stomachs it was easy to head back down to the boats for an early night.  The rain lightly falling on our roofs and the croaking of the frogs on shore lulled us to sleep.

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