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Mother Goose 2019: Leg 2: Day 3: Hydaburg to Craig

We left Hydaburg at a -2 low tide today!  We hardly recognized the entrance to the harbor as we were now looking up at rocks that had been underwater the day before.  The tidal range today was about 16 ft. between the high and low tides!  We navigated our way through some narrow passages with the kelp covered shorelines looming on either side.

As we cruised today, we spotted multiple humpback whales.  We watched as they surfaced, dove and fed in the cold waters.  We never get tired of seeing these magnificent animals.  It is always a pleasure to get a glimpse into their lives as they come up to the surface.  This whale seemed to be traveling along contentedly at a slow pace, occasionally diving deep to scoop up a mouthful of fish.

On our way into Craig, we passed a feeding frenzy of diving birds and sea gulls feeding on schools of bait fish.  Amazingly, there were also around 20 or so bald eagles feeding on the fish.  We watched as they plunged their talons into the water often emerging with fish clutched tight.  It was quite a sight to see!

We arrived in Craig in the early afternoon with time to walk around town and grab last minute provisions at the store.  Some of us stopped by the local art gallery and gift stores.  Most of our crews went out for dinner in town at the small local restaurants.

Craig is a classic Southeast Alaska fishing town.  Working boats of all sizes, shapes and levels of upkeep line the docks.  The economy is built around fishing and logging with tourism just beginning to impact the town.  That being said, the town has a rustic charm to it and the scenery could not be more beautiful.  Everyone we encountered was friendly and the fish n’ chips hit the spot!  We happily watched the setting sun light up the clouds feeling extremely fortunate to be here.

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