Mother Goose 2019: Leg 2: Day 6: Forevergreen Basin to Reanne’s Relief | NW Explorations


Mother Goose 2019: Leg 2: Day 6: Forevergreen Basin to Reanne’s Relief

With a short day ahead of us, most of the crews slept in this morning.  Not Bonum Vitae though.  Frank and Petra were up early on bear patrol.  There efforts were rewarded when around 4:30 AM a large brown bear made its way down to the beach.  We all enjoyed the peaceful, slow morning at anchor.

As we cruised out of Puffin Bay, we saw a humpback whale breaching nearby!  Soon after we passed another large Stellar sea lion haul out.  Our next anchorage was only 11 miles away so we took our time exploring on the way.  We cruised into two beautiful deep fjords that extended a few miles inland.  The deep channels narrowed in places, and traveling next to the shore we spotted sea stars, mink, and a large eagles’ nest.

If you didn’t know where the entrance to Reanne’s Relief was, you’d pass right by it never expecting to find safe haven passed the waves breaking on the rocks at the entrance.  After a tight turn on the way in, the bay opens up and is well protected and beautiful.  Our crews went out exploring by kayak and dinghy and enjoyed some close encounters with the sea otters in the bay.

Lee and Julie invited everyone over for a happy hour on Discovery tonight.  We enjoyed a nice evening on board their boat taking in the wonderful scenery and enjoying one another’s company.  Later the Thea crew came over for dinner on Deception.  On Thea are Ross and Evie Tennant, the owners of NWE, and their family members Mark and Carol.  It has been great traveling with the four of them on this trip, and it was nice to hear their feedback from the experience.

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