Mother Goose 2019: Leg 3: Day 5: Petersburg to Wrangell | NW Explorations


Mother Goose 2019: Leg 3: Day 5: Petersburg to Wrangell

We cruised out today through the narrow channel of Wrangell Narrows between Kupreanof and Mitkof Islands.  This shallow, muddy channel has 65 markers alerting travelers of tidal flats and rocks.  Since we were headed out at a low tide, most of these hazards were easily visible.  Captain Jordan led us through the narrow passage with care.

It was a rainy day in the coastal rainforest today.  Bald eagles lined the shorelines looking for food in the tidal flats.  We even had to slow down for an eagle that had gotten wet and was stuck in the water for a moment before it was able to take off.  A few deer grazed on the grassy shoreline and the locals were out digging clams on the beaches.

We arrived to Wrangell in the early afternoon and went on a tour of the Shakes Tribal House.  The house was rebuilt as a model Tlingit longhouse in 2013.  Stepping through the oval door under the large bear carving we were greeted by a beautiful warm room smelling of carved cedar.  Three native Tlingit locals from Wrangell gave us a tour of the house and shared some of their traditional stories, songs and dances with us.

Afterwards we went out to the Petroglyph beach and walked around spotting the carvings in the rock.  These ancient carvings are a bit of a mystery.  No one knows exactly how old the carvings are or why they were created.  Some of our crews chose to go out in town for dinner at the Stikine Inn this evening for a nice dinner out.  Others settled in for a cozy night on board in the rainy evening.

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