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Mother Goose 2019: Leg 3: Day 6: Wrangell to Meyers Chuck

Our route today took us through a few more winding narrow passes.  Along the shorelines we saw Harbor seals resting on the rocks and Bald eagles sitting in the trees above.  We even saw some orange sea stars clinging to the rocks in the exposed low tidal zone.  The day was overcast with partial breaks in the clouds giving us glimpses of the surrounding mountains.

As we came upon Easterly Island, we spotted a Stellar sea lion haul out.  We slowed down and cruised in closer to take a look.  We could see the enormous males jockeying for position on the rocks and the smaller juveniles and females napping together. We could hear the sea lions roaring and grunting at each other.

We arrived in Meyers chuck in the early afternoon and rafted all of the boats together in one corner of the anchorage.  This was the first full boat raft of the trip and it was fun to hop from one boat to the next visiting with neighbors.  For this raft we set out three anchors and two stern lines to keep us in place for the night.

Meyers Chuck is a small community of mostly seasonal homes though there are a few people that still live there year round.  There is a tiny post office that services the community as well as the outlying islands.  Mail is delivered once a week by seaplane.  We went ashore and walked along a pretty trail past some beautiful homes to the gallery where local artists sell their crafts.  We continued on through a lovely lush forest of moss, ferns and cedars and onto the beach on the other side of the peninsula.

Back on the boats, we got to work cooking up our leftovers for a potluck dinner to celebrate our last night out at anchor.  We shared a great meal together, complete with fresh caught halibut and salmon!  We also shared photos and memories of the trip and were amazed to think back on all we have seen and done in the past week.

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