Mother Goose 2019: Leg 4: Day 6: Taku Harbor to Juneau | NW Explorations


Mother Goose 2019: Leg 4: Day 6: Taku Harbor to Juneau

Morning dawned slow and easy in Taku Harbor. Bill and Denise, owners of Artic Star, pulled up some crab for breakfast while the rest of the fleet got ready to get under way.  Captain Jordan called out the last fleet roll call of the trip as we got off the dock for Juneau.  The cool sea breeze tempered perfectly the bright, full sun the makings of another blissful passage. In route we spotted one last humpback, rostrum and ventral pleats exposed as she lunge fed along the shore.

By early afternoon Mendenhall Glacier with the town of Juneau wrapped its icy form, came into view.  The boisterous squawking of juvenile eagles and the pointed shouts of fishermen greeted the fleet; the serine fjords of Alaska were behind us now, and it was time to join in the lively activity of Alaska’s capital! With the boats fueled, and expertly docked in Juneau, it was time to say farewell but not goodbye. The memory of our Mother Goose trip, along with the friendships made, will last a lifetime.

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