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Mother Goose 2019: Leg 5: Day 3: Elfin Cove to Dundas Bay

Fourth of July celebrations were in full swing in Elfin Cove today! And it wouldn’t be an Alaskan Fourth without FISH! Kicking off the party in the early AM was Ann, Annie, David, Ted and Morrey of Thea, all of whom went out on a fishing charter!! The rest of the fleet that didn’t go fishing went into town to enjoy the annual Fourth of July Pancake Feed at the lodge. Elfin Cove’s winding boardwalk and historic houses were decked out in their finest buntings and flags, so Jordan and Al decided to dress Deception in its code flag finery to match. The fish festivities continued with the return of Thea’s fishermen, victorious with 12 fish caught!  To top it all off, Elfin Cove residents held a raucous and competitive fish toss requiring participants to toss and catch Humpies at ever increasing distances!

At high tide, Mother Goose bid Elfin Cove a fond farewell and headed back into the fog destined for Dundas Bay. The fleet traveled through mist and sunshine spotting humpback whales, sea otters, sea lions and a whole host of pelagic birds. Eventually the fleet broke through the fog and cruised into sunny Dundas Bay. With the sun pouring over the hemlock hillside, the fleet anchored up for the night. After a fun and eventful day, Deception’s Bakery brought hot apple pie around to each boat by dingy to top off a Fourth of July that couldn’t be beat.

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