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Mother Goose 2019: Leg 5: Day 6: William Henry Bay to Haines

Mother Goose left bright and early, leaving William Henry Bay behind and making way for Haines. The town of Haines is perched along the east side of the Chilkat Peninsula, along the shores of the Chilkoot Inlet. The ecological riches of the area, salmon and small fish such as hooligan, made it possible for the Chilkat and Chilkoot Tlingit to settle and thrive as craftsmen and renowned traders. It is these very same trading routes that would be later taken over for gold prospecting, flooding the area with settlers hoping to make their fortune. Haines itself was established as a mission, and remained relatively quiet until gold was found nearby. Nowadays, Haines has a robust fishing and tourism industry that keep the town of roughly 2,000 people bustling.

The fleet pulled into Haines on an unusually warm afternoon. Crews off of Patos and Artic Star headed out to the Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center located in Klukwan, a beautiful cultural center located in one of the longest standing Tlingit settlements in Alaska. Folks from Bonum Vitae and Thea decided to stretch their legs and took a walk through the forest out to Battery Point.  The cool, dense greens of the hemlock-spruce forest were a welcome break from the heat. We took our time, admiring the flowering Devils Club and bunchberries as we strolled along the forest path. Back at the fleet, Mother Goose crews were cooking up a storm! Deception hosted our end of trip potluck, and the results were phenomenal! What a delight it was to enjoy so much good food and conversation as a way to celebrate our time together in SE Alaska. The end of trip festivities were made extra special because Ted, off of Thea, was celebrating his birthday as well! Happy Birthday Ted!!

It was with full spirits and bellies that Mother Goose crews left Deception, readying their boats and packing their bags for the trip to Skagway, and then home, the following day. Wherever you are headed crews, we wish you fair winds and following seas in all your travels!

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