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Mother Goose 2019: Leg 5: Day 5: Swanson Harbor to William Henry Bay

The fleet awoke to the sound of eagles and Black Oyster Catchers chittering. After a leisurely morning the fleet got under way, leaving behind the fellas renovating the docks and headed out for William Henry Bay.  The fleet started up Lynn Canal today, which is not a human made canal but one of Alaska’s deepest fjords. 90 miles long and up to 2,000 ft deep in some places, only the patient and powerful work of a glacier could carve such an immense waterway. Bill, of Artic Star, spotted a pair of breaching humpbacks! Amazing! A little while later, the fleet was visited by a group of 10 or more Dall’s Porpoise. The porpoise zigged and zagged along the bow of Artic Star, and then Bonum Vitae. The porpoises enjoyed swimming on Bonum Vitae’s bow almost as much as Walker, gleefully peering over the bow sprit, enjoyed watching them. According to Walker, our resident seven-year-old, Alaska was even more exciting than going to camp.

That afternoon we pulled into the quiet and protected anchorage of William Henry Bay. Bill jumped in a kayak and took a spin around the bay, while Walker and Grandpa went out in search of fish. The rest of us went to shore to walk along the cobblestone beach, admiring the dune grass and fireweed along the berm. Alaska’s geology is a smorgasbord of rock, this kind of stone soup is called an accretion.  Plate after plate of rock smashed together and then was redistributed by thousands of years of glaciation and geological activity. The beach was full of all kinds of interesting rocks from granite to limestone and what looked like everything in between. After a long mosey on shore, our group headed back to their boats just as the fishing fleet came in to anchor for the night.

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