Mother Goose 2019: Leg 6: Day 9: Baranof Warm Springs to Freshwater Bay | NW Explorations


Mother Goose 2019: Leg 6: Day 9: Baranof Warm Springs to Freshwater Bay

Nothing starts out the day like some fresh, homemade cinnamon buns. And on Mother Goose, there’s no better way to receive a morning treat than to have them delivered fresh from Deception’s Bakery to your boat, while underway.  Once the fleet was sufficiently caffeinated and full of baked goods we knew we were ready to get underway to Freshwater Bay. To our complete surprise, once again the fleet spotted blows on the horizon and came to a mesmerized stand still to watch a group of six humpback whales bubble net feed. To have a once in a life time event happen twice, on back to back days, was completely astounding! The fleet stayed with the humpbacks, soaking in their grace and power until it was time for us to continue on our way.

The long, fairly open water of Freshwater Bay is punctuated by a series of smaller bays jutting off to the sides. Mother Goose rafted up, all six boat side by side, in the comfort of Cedar Bay, a protected side inlet. That evening Deception hosted our end of trip block party, and the entire six boat neighborhood was invited. All the cooks out did themselves, and we all ended the evening full to the brim and brimming with happiness.

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