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Mother Goose 2019: Leg 7: Day 8: Berg Bay to Santa Anna Inlet

Mother Goose awoke to low misty clouds hanging in the forested steeples of Berg Bay. Out here, the loudest thing you can hear is the reverberating miles of quiet. The perfect place for a contemplative cup of coffee before another day of cruising. Today, Mother Goose is headed for the delightfully remote anchorage of Santa Anna Inlet. With the last clank of the anchor setting in place, the fleet headed out into the misty Alaskan morning.

The fleet only traveled a few dozen miles to our destinations, but what a difference a few hours and fair winds can make! By the time Mother Goose cruised into our anchorage for the afternoon the sun was out and streaming honey colored beams over the forested islands. Rick on Patos, visiting from California, declared that this was the first day with “100% blue sky!”. And there’s no better way to enjoy the sun than to get out and play! Once anchored out, crews quickly jumped into their dinghies to explore the forested coastline dotted with the mechanical remnants of an old canning operation. The cannery might be long gone, but the salmon still remain and could be seen jumping, heading for the lake fed stream trickling into the Inlet. Of course, at the sight of all those fish, the fleet’s fisher folks rigged up their reels and set out to catch some fish. Meanwhile, Kim, from Discovery, joined Joy and Char, off of Thea, in taking the kayaks out for a spin. And our daring Patosians, Alyce and Bob, decided it was finally warm enough to brave swimming in the cold Alaskan waters. That evening Deception had the good fortune of hosting, Patos over for dinner enjoying Brian’s homemade meatloaf accompanied by an outstanding salad made by Alyce. As the last of the golden sun slipped behind the hills crews hung up their rods and swimsuits, and tied up their dinghies for the night.

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