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Mother Goose 2019: Leg 8: Day 11: Blunden Harbour to Port McNeill

The 25-knot winds predicted by Environment Canada may have blown out in Queen Charlotte Sound, but after our long cruise yesterday we appeared to have run clear of the bad weather.  We had a calm night and woke to flat calm in Blunden Harbour.   With only 20 miles to sail to Port McNeill, our shortest day yet, we celebrated with an extra cup of coffee and a nine o’clock start.  The Red-throated loons gave us a final wail as we left the harbor.

Outside there were a few patches of fog, but the calm seas remained.  Almost before we knew it, we were across Queen Charlotte Strait with barely a ripple.  As it turned out, most of the hubbub of the day was in the harbor.  This Saturday marked Orcafest in Port McNeill, and there was a parade down to the waterfront park.  Every fire truck, police car, and ambulance had its siren going giving us a livelier greeting than we had expected.

The marina was packed on this summer Saturday but our captains were up to the task of squeezing into the throng.  Doug on Bonum Vitae backed down the alley between two rows of boats, swung his stern into the dock, and used his thruster to push his bow in.  It was a textbook landing that just goes to show that 11 days of practice makes for real competence.

The afternoon was all about getting the boats ready for the second half of our cruise.  Fuel, water, and groceries were taken aboard.  We had some new crew join the fleet.  Bonum Vitae gained Ryan and Doreen, and Thea brought aboard Doug, Wendy, and Clyde.  Alas, we are losing some shipmates, too.  Chris is heading home from Deception and Jack and Linda are going ashore from Thea.  We will miss them!

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