Mother Goose 2019: Leg 8: Day 13: Port McNeill to Lagoon Cove | NW Explorations


Mother Goose 2019: Leg 8: Day 13: Port McNeill to Lagoon Cove

Another lovely blue-sky day today with calm water all the way.  Our route took us up the wide-open Johnstone Strait, then through the narrower water of Baronet Passage and then through the narrowest of routes among the islands with good views to port and starboard both.  Helayne on Patos, an adventure woman if ever there was one, took the helm in the skinny spots just for the fun of it.  A little after noon we were all tied up at the lagoon cove marina in full sunshine.

This afternoon Doug, Ryan, and Doreen from Bonum Vitae took off fishing in their dinghy.  Dave and Janet fished off the dock.  Other crews headed up the hiking trails behind the marina to stretch their legs.  Some boats exercised their well-earned right to a nap in the sun while others chit-chatted up the dock with the other mariners.

The highlight of the afternoon was definitely the 5 o’clock cocktail hour.  The marina converted the old boathouse into an indoor-outdoor picnic area and sponsors the party every night.  The boathouse is adorned with dozens of yacht club burgees, including I’m pleased to say a NW Explorations flag.  A fitting backdrop to celebrate a terrific day on the British Columbia coast!

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