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Mother Goose 2019: Leg 8: Day 4: Prince Rupert to Newcombe Harbour

Prince Rupert may have a population of only 14,000 people, but as we left the harbor today it was evident that it is very much a part of the global hustle and bustle.  A barge with train cars aboard was moored next to the B.C. ferry Northern Adventure, which was moored next to the container port which moved a million containers last year, next to the grain terminal, next to the coal terminal, all backed by the CN Railway.  Busy, busy, busy.  Just the opposite of our goal for the day.

The fleet headed south into Petrel Channel and the world got a lot quieter.  No more ships, no more trains, just porpoise and phalaropes.  The trees came right down to the water – no storm surges here.  Winds were very light so there was barely a ripple on the water.  Patos didn’t bother to turn on her stabilizers.  In the midst of this glorious wilderness there is a wooden sign nailed to a tree that says “Newcombe Harbor” and here we turned left and anchored in our snug stop for the night.

What fun!  The crew of Discovery immediately broke out the fishing poles and Rick caught a few flounder.  The crew of Thea caught a dogfish which they prepared for an experimental tasting.  Doug and Marta from Bonum Vitae, and Bob and Cathy from Patos went ashore to do a little beach-combing and had the sweet pleasure of tasting the ripe salal and red huckleberries, among other wonders.  Now this is the speed we were looking for!

For those keeping score, the trip bird count is up to 33 species today, having added Canada goose, spotted sandpiper, and chestnut-backed chickadee today.

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