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New Customs ROAM App

Skip the lines at the customs dock this summer!  The new U.S. Customs ROAM app allows you to clear customs from your vessel without stopping at one of the U.S. Customs Reporting docks.  The app is available for use when clearing U.S. customs in Washington and Alaska.  If you plan to visit Canada on your charter you may want to look into registering with the app to make your return into the U.S. easier.


  • Use of the app is optional. Reporting in-person at one of the Port of Entry locations is still available.
  • The app only works when clearing U.S. Customs not Canadian Customs.
  • If approved for entry, boaters do not have to report in-person at a Port of Entry.
  • The app needs to have cellular data connection or Wifi service to report and process your arrival.
  • There is no guarantee that you will not be asked to report in person as well.

Learn more here!

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