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Responsible Cruising & Cultural Conservation: Respecting the Land and People

Cruising the Alaskan coastline is a majestic experience that pleasure-boaters have been drawn to for decades. The natural beauty is awe-inspiring and has provided a haven for its indigenous people for millennia.

At NW Explorations, we appreciate and respect the privilege of being able to bring our clients to this area by flotilla. In turn, we earnestly honor the regulations of use and ensuring our footprint is small. We also work hard to respect local traditions, the culture and surrounding environment both when cruising and ashore.

One example of this are the efforts we take in our collaboration with the Tongass National Forest (TNF).

The forest is in Southeast Alaska, stretching up the coastline. It ranks as the largest national forest in the United States and is home to the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian First Nations people.

NWE is aligned with the stewardship the TNF provides to ensure our presence supports and respects their policies. We acquire permits to visit the allowable areas and abide by the regulations in places where our access is limited.

The funds from these permits provide support to the TNF to carry out their initiatives. It also helps support various groups visiting the area, to ensure they adhere to the regulations and safety protocol.

A great benefit for our customers is they get to witness incredibly beautiful and remote areas and are hopefully inspired by their experiences.

In British Columbia, NWE flotilla clients also frequent the islands and coastal communities of BC. There are many First Nations in these areas, offering great insight into their cultural practices. As an active member of Indigenous Tourism BC, NWE has begun to coordinate agreements with the individual Nations.

These protocol agreements will help our cruising guests have elevated experiences as they connect with the First Nations people in a respectful, positive and enriching way.

In fact, the first protocol agreement is now in place with the Kitasoo/Xai’xais Nation Territory, located on the central coast of British Columbia.

In 2019, more agreements will be drafted up and agreed to. In turn, that assures our guests that NWE is doing everything possible to help champion the cause of cultural longevity and respect for the land.

Join us on a flotilla to witness this important cultural conservation on a voyage to remember.

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