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The Service Department at NW Explorations – Getting Ready to Go Full Throttle

When you’re venturing to the remote glacial-filled bays of Alaska, the last thing you need to worry about is the performance of your yacht. Wanting to head north on the open ocean side of Vancouver Island? You need your vessel operating at its absolute finest.

Having an instrument or mechanical part malfunction or break while you’re enroute can be devastating for the trip. Not to mention, potentially dangerous.

NWE has recently been building a new, improved service shop that is almost complete. The fleet of luxury yachts as well as customer-owned yachts will be maintained and repaired meticulously through this expanded facility.

Not only is it greater in capacity, it’s in closer proximity to the docks. It features expanded dedicated space for each technician and mobile carts that can each hold up to 6,000 pounds. That’s a lot of parts.

And the equipment is second to none, including parts washers, bead blasters and a paint booth for touch ups or full overhauls.

It’s the people who really count.

But beyond the equipment and facility, the real coup de grace is our team of technicians and their specific know-how and experience. The tech team are bonafide experts in their field, ensuring the nitty gritty of each yacht is maintained to top performance from exterior to interior, electrical, mechanical and more.

Owen Brown, our service manager says, “when we take a yacht into our care, we aim for excellence.” He explains that anyone on the NWE team lives up to their core values every day: treating everyone with respect, pursuing all tasks with excellence and doing the right thing.

The tech advantage.

Technology is also bringing everything maintenance-related to a brand new level for our customers. We have introduced ConnectWise that is both internal and external facing. The software allows the team to keep detailed records on when parts were installed and sends service status updates to the client to inform them on what is happening in real time.

In fact, NWE is the only marine service department in the world who is using ConnectWise.

For clients, the new service department means peace of mind and assurance they truly are getting bow-to-stern attention for installations, repairs and maintenance from an ultra dedicated team.

Need help with yacht maintenance? That’s our specialty! Contact us at or (360) 676-1248 to schedule your appointment. 

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