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Yacht Buying Guide II: Hire a Reputable Marine Surveyor

So, you’re ready to take the plunge. You’re way past thinking about it – now it’s time to take action and be a boat owner. But hold on there, captain. With such a big investment and commitment, you want to be absolutely sure about this purchase. Is the yacht you have in mind right for you? Is it a reliable yacht? Is it in great operating condition? That’s where a Marine Surveyor can be a lifesaver.

What do Marine Surveyors do?

A Marine Surveyor conducts inspections, surveys or examinations of a marine vessel to assess its condition, as well as the materials and equipment on board. They will typically look at the structure, machinery and equipment (navigational, safety, radio, etc.) and general condition of a vessel. They are experts in this arena and usually in high demand – often booked up for months in advance.

Timing is everything.

The time to bring in a Marine Surveyor can vary. You can do it early on in your purchasing process or once you have an accepted offer you’ve made.  By consulting early on with a yacht surveyor, you can discuss different makes and models, discover which ones should be avoided, as well as those models that are close to a ‘sure thing.’ A Marine Surveyor will be able to tell you if a specific model of yacht has a consistently good reputation for reliability.

Selecting a Marine Surveyor takes discussions with well-respected yacht brokers and a little research. A good Marine Surveyor will have a great track record and be well-known for his or her reputation within the industry, along with having the necessary qualifications. Qualified Marine Surveyors usually belong to SAMS (Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors), AMS (Accredited Marine Surveyors) or NAMS (National Association of Marine Surveyors).

What’s the cost?

That depends. The average cost for a Marine Surveyor is about $25-$30 per foot, give or take. So the bigger the yacht you’re considering buying, the more extensive the assessment and resulting costs.

But, at NWE we take the condition of our yachts very seriously. It’s mandatory that any boat entering our brokerage for sale undergoes a thorough assessment with a Marine Surveyor. Then, when the boat sells, we reimburse the owner 50% of the cost. So when you’re buying a yacht from us, you can be sure of its seaworthiness.

We will never list a yacht for sale without this comprehensive inspection. In fact, every NW Explorations yacht must pass all the requirements on our own hefty inspection check list carried out by our team here in our maintenance team.   At NW Explorations, we ensure our customers are buying a yacht with the utmost confidence. It makes such a difference to know you are purchasing a vessel that has undergone the rigours of this survey, and that we stand behind its mechanical, physical and operational shape.

Beware of using a Marine Surveyor without the right credentials and who isn’t necessarily reputable. An oversight on the condition of a yacht can be a huge safety risk, let alone incur money and time down the road if you discover major repairs are needed.

Count on the expertise provided by a Marine Surveyor at NWE and purchase a yacht with certainty. Call us at 1-800-826-1430 or locally at 1-360-676-1248.

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