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Yacht Maintenance Checklist: Keeping You Cruising Worry-Free.

Owning a yacht is no small thing. And just like any investment, it’s worth protecting properly.

Without regular attention and meticulous care, little things can quickly add up to bigger problems. Besides being costly, negligence could lead to disaster:  the very last thing you want when you’re out on the ocean.

Keeping your yacht in perfect operating condition requires scheduling and diligence, expertise and the necessary technical equipment. But not everyone has access to a shipyard, all the tools and know-how, let alone the space to perform repairs or yacht maintenance themselves.

Knowing WHAT to do WHEN is equally as important as HOW to do it.

At NWE, our yacht services division can keep your vessel on a schedule that ensures its pristine condition year-round. For one, we have an 18-page yacht maintenance checklist that is your guarantee for worry-free cruising.

If you’re in need of a one-off repair or an installation/replacement, individual services are also attended to by our maintenance experts with all the necessary skill and expertise.

Staying the course

If you’re unsure if you’re attending to all your vessel’s needs, have a read through this general yacht maintenance checklist. At NWE, we apply these regular checks and maintenance to keep the vessels in our charter fleet in peak performance.


  • General vessel inspection
  • Fire Extinguisher certification
  • Exercising valves
  • Replacement of critical components
  • Filter changes
  • Servicing pumps
  • Battery Load Testing
  • Engine Load Testing
  • Testing of generators
  • Testing and repairs of electrical systems
  • Identify weak points in electrical systems
  • Protect all underwater fittings
  • Keeping exterior decks spotless
  • Buff and wax exterior

Repairs and installations

  • Mechanical needs
  • Interior accommodations
  • Electrical connections diagnosed, installed, repaired and safe
  • Fiberglass repairs
  • Water-makers, hydraulic systems, refrigeration system, dinghy hoists
  • Inverters and chargers repairs and installation
  • Navigation equipment
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Retro-fitting stabilization systems and thrusters
  • Sanitation system install
  • Water maker installation

So what to do, when?

Developing a monthly, seasonal and annual yacht maintenance plan is a fool-proof strategy for keeping you ahead of the game.

At NWE, we can customize a schedule for you, eliminating the need for constant planning and forethought, while keeping potential breakages and problems to an absolute minimum.

Our technicians are also mobile in the Bellingham area, so we can happily visit your mooring or storage spot to perform maintenance or repairs onsite.

Commissioning your yacht

Our technicians have commissioned many yachts including Grand Banks and DeFevers. We can install a combination of final-stage fittings:

  • Navigation and electronics packages
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Entertainment and communications systems
  • Electronic packages
  • Vessel monitoring systems
  • Dinghy davits
  • Furnishings

With a carefully designed yacht maintenance schedule, expert repairs or commissioning installations with the highly competent staff at NWE, you can rest assured:  it’s clear cruising all the way.

For all your yacht maintenance needs, email services@nwexplorations.com or call 360-676-1248.

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