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2020 Alaska Flotilla: Leg 5: Day 5-6: Thomas Bay to Wrangell

Due to windy conditions yesterday we chose to stay put and spend an extra day in Thomas Bay. Not even a rainy day can deter these crews! Everyone was out and about in their dinghies and kayaks setting crab pots and exploring the coastline. We soaked it all in (quite literally), and felt blessed to be able to spend another day in such a wild, beautiful place.

As we departed Thomas Bay this morning and made our way into Fredrick Sound, we were amazed by what a difference a day can make! We had flat calm seas for the entire voyage to Petersburg.  The sea lion sentinels were at their stations just as predicted.  Good thing too because I had promised a Steller sea lion show for the fleet. The sea lions were piled on top of the navigation buoy canister with the smallest one up above the others in the rigging and another in the water eagerly jumping up to find its place while the others watched complacently from their dry perch.

Petersburg is such a lovely little Norwegian town. Even from the water this fishing village looks neat and tidy. The Narrows were, well, narrow at times but boats had excellent conditions and little current so it made for a relatively relaxed tour.

Wrangle harbor had plenty of room for us so we all lined up one after the other along a clean sturdy wooden dock.  It made for an enjoyable evening to socialize more than we have otherwise had the opportunity to do.

Sydney and Meg took a hike up Mt. Dewey Trail for a stunning overlook of the city and harbor. Navigator enjoyed socializing together up on the bridge while Pat prepared the crab they had caught yesterday in Thomas Bay. Bo decided to hang out with Deception and watch a movie while Tristian and Sebastian tried their had at fishing off the dock. Sebastian caught a rockfish for dinner.

Tomorrow is exciting because we were able to secure enough permits to allow everyone in the fleet an opportunity to visit the Anan Bear Observatory!  More about that tomorrow…


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