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2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 1B, Day 12 – Ketchikan

For our last blog on Leg 1: Part two Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla, we present the winners for our photo contest, alongside two incredible honorable mentions from our other vessel crews.

Nature – Thea crew

Nature – Thea crew. This picture was taken on the docks of Port McNeill before we embarked on our trip all the way into Ketchikan. This graceful blue heron was stealthily fishing in the marina’s tidal flats. What a serene capture, Thea!

Nature of People – Koa Lanai

Nature of People – Koa Lanai. Captured in the Bishop Bay Warm Springs, the La Vida and Koa Lanai crew take a much-needed dip in the naturally warm pools. Strung with mementos from all the visitors over the years, the BC Parks upkeep and maintain the wood framed, concrete blocked bathhouse that attract many folks during their seasonal busy months. Luckily for our fleet, we were some of the only vessels in the springs during this trip and got the place to ourselves. What a treat, Koa Lanai!

People in Nature – Bonum Vitae

People in Nature – Bonum Vitae. A shot by the crew on Bonum Vitae, this still framed moment in time was the winner by far. During a dinghy trip through one of our remote inlet visits, a member of their crew stepped out onto a soon to be submerged rock by the incoming tide and were able to embody a powerful image of standing on the water. This moment is quite breathtaking, and a one-of-a-kind memory. How incredibly clever, Bonum Vitae.

People – Arctic Star

People – Arctic Star. Known for their fabulous photography, the crew on Artic Star was able to snap a picture with almost all of our fleet in once place. As we shared snacks and refreshments aboard the docks of the Shearwater Marina, it was a lovely surprise to have our attention grabbed and the moment documented, it felt very special! Thanks for this memory, Arctic Star.

Honorable Mention – MOJO crew

It was one of the hardest competitions to judge for our lead crew as everyone who submitted their pictures were so clever and thoughtful about their submissions. This honorable mention is a picture taken by the MOJO crew who really stunned us with their attention to unique angles. A moment from our shore explorations in Aaltanhash, the forefront Alpine Lupines and the focused vessels anchored in the background was quite a scene. We really love it MOJO, what a shot!

People in Nature – La Vida crew

And for a people in nature submission, the La Vida crew caught a fun moment of us utilizing our technology in the beautiful Lowe Inlet’s Verney Falls. We took a few small trails, showing signs of being primarily used by bears, to the first and second falls of a very long and intricate connection of lakes by the Kumowdah River. Basking in the sun like lizards for a while as the rest of our group caught up, there was a fair balance of documenting the moment and soaking up the stunning scene. We love the realistic capture, La Vida!

Thank you all for your participation in our photo contest, it is always a fun way to end our adventures by getting to see everyone’s experience through different angles and lenses. We wish you all the best!

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