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2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 5, Day 6 – Thomas Bay to Wrangell

At the entrance to Wrangell Narrows the sea lions were at their regular post arguing with the latest newcomer who had landed his jump onto the red buoy marking the entrance. As we passed by Petersburg, we could see children playing along the beach and Koa Lanai rejoined the Mother Goose fleet.

The “Narrows”, as the name implies, is a VERY narrow and quite shallow passage between Kupreanof and Mitkof Islands. Eagles are everywhere, perched on the channel markers, walking along the muddy shores, and flying overhead. Over sixty-two markers guide boats through the twenty-one-mile-long channel.

Captain Chris requested that we “close the gap” and remain together as we traveled through. We entered on an ebb tide making the water especially shallow with the markers far above us, many with bull kelp hanging off their lower bars. Some of the markers are at odd angles and a few wrecks line the shore as a warning to pay attention.

We arrived in Wrangell around 3:00 and almost the entire fleet was able to fit on one dock with Thea nearby. At 5:00 we gathered for an informal dock-party social and discussed the trip through the Narrows and our plans to visit Anan Bear Reserve tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s forecast is partly sunny and this possibility along with an excursion to Anan builds anticipation. It will be a full day since the Anan excursion will take about five hours and some boats will need to fit in time for a few provisions. Anan tightly controls the number of visitors and only a few permits are available each day. Since an extra permit for Jane was unavailable, Trey from Koa Lanai agreed to be the official Anan photographer for tomorrow’s adventure so that pictures can be added to the blog.

Most every boat went out to dinner and being a small town, many of us ended up at the very same restaurant by way of the same cab driver or his wife. After a fun evening of socializing and good food, we returned to our boats for a relaxing evening.

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