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2022 Princess Louisa Flotilla – Day 5 Princess Louisa

We woke up to clearing skies and the song of Chatter Box falls singing with the birds. There was a group of us that set off on a dinghy mission for a nearby hike in the late morning. The views that opened up with the clearing of the fog were incredible and the sun started to peak through. A forest of moss-covered Big Leaf Maple, blooming Bleeding Hearts and Tiarella, and Devils Club to duck around, provided us with the perfect setting to stretch our legs and become familiar with the flora community.

The day continued to clear and warm and many of our fleet took to their dinghies to cruise along the shore and gaze up at the towering cliffs above. The cliffs in Princess Louisa are 4,000ft of elevation above and the water from the rain the previous day cascaded down to meet the sea. Since there is so much freshwater input here in Princess Louisa there is low salinity in the inlet.

The afternoon was spent sitting in the sun awestruck by our surroundings. Greg (our technician) and Annie (myself, the naturalist) took the arduous trek up to the trapper’s cabin. This trail is a technical 1.5 miles with 1700ft of elevation gain. It is not well maintained, but the two of us were determined. M. Wylie Blanchet who is the author of her memoir Curve of Time has spoken of this cabin in her tales of traveling to Princess Louisa with her children in the 1930’s. While she was there it was still standing but abandoned. Now the cabin is just remains, but the view is beautiful.

In the evening we got together for a potluck and bonfire. Each boat brought something delicious to share including smoked rockfish dip, venison, raspberry meatballs, baked brie and Sea Stock’s famous quesadillas. We enjoyed each other’s company as we sat by a fire and watched the sun fade behind the cliffs.

P.S. Missed this year’s Princess Louisa Flotilla? Not to worry, there’s always next year! Send us an email to reserve your spot on our 2023 Princess Louisa Flotilla. 

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