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2024 Inside Passage Flotilla North – Day 2 Sidney to Madeira Park

We started the day off early and had the luxury of watching the sunrise color the sky as we departed. With calm waters and stunning scenery in every direction you looked, it was hard not to be in awe.

The water became a little choppier as we came through the Strait of Georgia, but the sights were breathtaking. Gliding along snow capped coastal mountains that Cindy described as “fickle fingers” due to all the sharp points, we could see the silhouette of the Vancouver City coastline and majestic bald eagles flying above. The vastness of the open waters could make even a Grand Banks seem small.

On our way to Gerrans Bay we passed by Merry Island, home to a quaint red lighthouse stamped with the Canadian maple leaf on either side. The Merry Island lighthouse is seen as a valued symbol within the Sunshine Coast community and is representative of the navigation system progression within the Strait of Georgia. We also passed through Pender Harbor right before we stopped to anchor for the night. Present-day Pender Harbor was originally the winter settlement of the Sechelt First Nation prior to a smallpox epidemic in 1865. The Sechelt name for the territory is “Kalpilin” which translates to “detouring in a certain way.”

Once we made it to our destination in Madeira Park and dispersed across the bay, Bill Douglas and Andy took “Big Red” the dinghy from boat to boat, assisting everyone with their anchorage. After a long nine-hour journey on the water everyone was more than ready for an evening to just relax and enjoy one another’s company.

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