ALASKA: 2015 LEG 1 – LITTLE FRY PAN COVE | NW Explorations



We gave a last listen to the weather report at 0430 this morning and confirmed that tomorrow wouldn’t provide any better conditions for our Queen Charlotte Sound crossing so pushed off from the dock at Winter Harbour at 0500. Happily, the maximum winds of 15-25 knots never materialized, and we had a smooth crossing.  It’s John’s birthday aboard Ajax, and he was on the radio later in the afternoon to share his thanks for the gift.  Not sure who arranged the weather conditions, but we’re all happy to be across in fair seas.

The Crew aboard Deception and Eldean also had their first humpback whale sighting! A blow followed by a beautiful show of fluke before it dove down.  We kept our eyes peeled for more, but no luck.  We’ll expect to see more a bit further north, this individual is probably headed the same way we are.

Irish Mist peeled off from our fleet turning around Cape Scott and heading for Clam Bay on the Inside of Vancouver Island.  We toasted Captain Pat and his crew last night.  He’s been great company on our travels, and contributed a good deal of local knowledge, and shared his stories from decades of salmon fishing in South East Alaska to our travels.  He has also shared his wine, which many of us have enjoyed.   Irish Mist radioed in a bit later in the afternoon, as the fleet was midway across the channel to say they were snug at the dock and we said our final farewells.

We arrive in Fury Cove but find a few other boats already there so decide to find ourselves a more private anchorage.  Little Fry Pan Cove around the corner provides just the place, and we set anchor and kick back.   In the evening, several of our crew from Deception, Eldean and Navigator join up aboard Ajax for cocktails and birthday cake to celebrate John’s Birthday.

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