ALASKA: 2015 LEG 2 – PETERSBURG LAY DAY | NW Explorations



Lay day in Petersburg.  Affords us a chance to enjoy a later start to the day, and, for those of us that want to take advantage, breakfast in town and for some of us, a morning run along paved streets – which given where we are can’t be taken for granted anymore.

The crew aboard Ajax is up early so that Zach and Jackson can be at the Middle Docks to meet their charter captain for their fishing trip at 8 am.  They’re sent off with lunch and orders from mom to bring back dinner for our fleet.

Later in the morning, the overcast skies provide that liquid sunshine that Alaskan’s love.  Several of us head over across the narrows in our dinghies to explore the hiking trails on Kupreanof Island.  We’ve all adapted so well to the sunshine that we’ve had the last few that the rain catches off guard, but the rain is intermittent, and the trail beautiful and lush and we’re moving at a pace that keeps us warm, so the dampness becomes just part of the experience.

In the evening Navigators crew enjoys dinner at Inge’s Galley just up from the docks. A small kitchen that serves up simple, well-made food and provides the option of outdoor seating, which is nice now that the rain has passed, and the skies are breaking up.

Aquila celebrates Marybeth’s birthday aboard with dinner.  Their evening is temporarily interrupted by a delivery of a birthday cake from Deception’s crew.  We join them for a cup of decaf coffee and marvel over the bald eagle sightings coming up through Wrangell Narrows and talk about the fisheries.  The salmon seiners are sitting ready for the season to open all around us – can’t help but wonder what this harbor will look like just next week.

Speaking of fish – Zach and Jackson return with halibut filets!  They caught a good 15 pound fish, and they swing by Deception to share their catch.  Generosity! Dad is glad that there were fish cleaning and filet lessons included in the charter…

Tomorrow we depart dock 0800 for Cannery Cove, and will cross through Frederick’s Sound, one of the more important humpback whale feeding grounds… fingers crossed for some more good humpback whale sightings!

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