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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 1, Day 2 – Ganges to Pender Harbour

Second day on the cruise and already so much has happened! Our morning started with a gentle southerly breeze catching the steam off the coffee mug as I slide open the port-side window to say “Good Morning!” to Doug on Victoria. The air was cool, the water calm, and at 0600 the harbour was calm and tranquil with a hint of magenta in the morning light. Yes, indeed, life is good in Ganges, however a full day of boating stands between us and our next destination, Pender Harbour.

While underway, it didn’t take long before the group to see some of the amazing wildlife British Columbia has to offer. A pair of young bald eagles were hanging out next to the water’s edge as we departed Ganges Harbour. Off Mowgli Island, a small group of Stellar sea lions were basking, flippers up in the sun, almost oblivious to our presence. Finally, once in the Straits of Georgia, a large pod of Orca whales was seen heading south between us and Gabriola Island. Hard to believe that in just two days we have seen Humpback whales and Orca!

With such a day it was only appropriate to anchor out and have a cocktail party aboard Deception. It is always nice to kick back and enjoy the stories of others while watching the sunset together. These are the days that are remembered most when we recount our tales of the Inner Passage. Thank you Mother Nature!

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